Application developed in FileMaker v.19 for Macintosh, PC/Windows, iPad and iPhone. Enables managers of heterogeneous informatic parks to manage installations, users, software, hardware and licenses. It is multi-company and multi-site of course!

The new features of this version are :

1. harmonization input fields in all files with a precise color code,
2. further development of the domain names management.
3. Tracking of customer service call history.
4. Follow-up of GDPR files, edition of the Data Processing Register, CNIL declaration, contract management, etc.

GesPark > Hosting Management © LUAB - 2016

The new version adds a better management of Hosting Companies, with the possibility to follow the invoices to be paid by the hosting companies, to link several customers to the same hosting company and to be able to assign several different hosting companies for the same customer according to the services offered.

GesPark also allows you to follow your suppliers. Thus, for each material or software you will know the origin and the follow-up of invoicing will allow you to know at any moment where you are with this supplier.
GesPark > Supplier © LUAB - 2016
Complete management of a GDPR file, register of treatments, administrative follow-up etc.

Three important new features in GesPark:

1. We upgraded it to FileMaker version 19; and
2. We have added software registration with registration accounts for team licenses, like for Adobe software for example…
3. The complete management of GDPR files, from the diagnosis to the establishment of the Register of Processing for the CNIL declaration, the management of DPO contracts, etc.

The version of GesPark has therefore taken on a new number and becomes the indispensable tool for the DPO!

Three important new features in GesPark:

The software registration process has been improved with the addition of several tabs grouping various detailed functions :
Registration & Alerts
Allows managing Team subscriptions for licenses that include multiple users or installed workstations;
The softwaEnables creating Alerts to record the validated dates of software licenses, ensuring not to forget to renew subscriptions with automatic calculations of the number of days before the expiration date.
No more risk of forgetting to renew your subscriptions!
GesPark > Software Management © LUAB - 2016
GesPark > Dashboard for iPad

Here is a view of the Dashboard for the iPad version… This allows for easy on-site entry. An access to the history of the interventions for the computer station is very useful!

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