Our products and services

Our Services

Our services and other know-how :
FileMaker v.19 + FileMaker Server v.19
Claris 2023; FileMaker v.20 and FileMaker Server v.20
iApplications for iPhone & iPad
Management of Mac or Windows computers
WEB site development
API integration.

Our products

L’Usine À Bases is also three “Turnkey” products available !

In addition to the specific developments that have made our reputation, we offer “off-the-shelf” products, developed around the FileMaker platform and directly usable. Perfectly compatible from version 18 to version 19 of FileMaker, they will be of great help to you, but above all they will save you time.

Ideal for artists’ agents (illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, etc.), this professional toolbox allows you to manage your artists, prospects, clients, to edit quotes and invoices, and to facilitate the follow-up of your activity by taking into account the specificities of your profession. It is THE
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) designed for you!

GesPark is a management solution for heterogeneous technical parks. As the nerve center of your memory, it allows you to monitor your customers’ computer systems, Mac, Windows, Unix, as well as relations with your suppliers and hosts. Developed by a professional for professionals, GesPark is perfectly adapted to new technologies and the Cloud.

Ultra-simple solution, iDouanes is an ideal tool for import-export companies looking for the right customs codes related to their activities to prepare their declarations. Powerful, fast and autonomous, it allows you to easily find the right customs code from a plain text search.