Our Team

A team of specialists here for you. The Usine À Bases team is received by FileMaker France in the offices of Apple Europe in Paris XVI. On the menu: product showcases and commercial information…

Thierry Feltz


Project manager and database development

Thierry has worked for a long time in the banking sector, both in operations and in professional training for young employees. With an ealry passion for computers and database management, he discovered FileMaker from its first "Pro" version. Based on his experiences he founded Usine À Bases with his partner in 2013 to translate the wide range of needs of his clients into custom and effective management tools. He also ensures compliance with the GDPR as DPO on behalf of his clients.

Fred Dye

Certified Developer

One specialty among others: medical and para-medical applications

An early partner, Project Manager and certified developer, Fred has covered many specialties with our diverse client base. His knowledge of the FileMaker platform allows him to develop specific applications integrating complementary technologies.

Didier Dartois

Systems and Networks Engineer

Systems, Networks and Telecoms Specialist

Management of physical and virtual machines, technical maintenance, technical relations with technical suppliers (publishers, suppliers, hosts, certificate issuers, operators, etc.), CAMO (Consulting Assistant to the Project Owner), infrastructure consultant, technical support, special operations.

Josse Fernandez

Developer / Integrator

In a work-study contract

Developer, Integrator for L’Usine À Bases since january 2024, Josse is in a work-study contract Coming from the Air Conditioning and Heating industry, he will bring his experience regarding quality requirements and user feedback with a fresh perspective on our FileMaker solutions, a platform he is discovering. His enthusiasm is a valuable asset to our small team!